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Smallest Of Gestures

Riley and Melissa's relationship had come to a point where they were just going thru the motions. No intimacy, no communication. An empty shell of a relationship. They felt that they were growing apart, but Riley knew a way to rekindle that love affair by simple being there for Melissa after a hard day at work. Once they gave time to each other, they remembered why they were in love. The smallest gesture can ignite a passionate inferno.

Melissa Moore,Riley Reid - The Lesbian Experience
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True Love Overcomes All

Melissa’s passionate relationship hits a major roadblock when she tells her girlfriend that she wants to have a baby. Kasey becomes distant and Melissa worries that their relationship is about to end when Kasey expresses that she would want nothing more than to raise a child with her. True love has never felt so real.

Kasey Warner,Melissa Moore - The Lesbian Experience
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