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Bootylicious Cheerleader Aria Banks Is Todays Lucky Wiener

Bubble-butt cheerleader and cutie Aria Banks has double checked the house making sure the coast-is-clear to sneak Lucky in for a fuck. Trying to stay quiet fails and Aria says "fuck it" and goes down on his big cock getting Lucky to fuck her hot little virgin mouth! Aria tries to deep throat his big cock but decides it is time for her wet tight pink pussy to give it a shot, as Lucky finds his rhythm deep inside Aria and grinding on that dick with multiple booty shaking orgasms for a game winning hot thick facial! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Stepsis Ellie Nova Does Not Take No For An Answer

Assertive and one-track mind adorable stepsister Ellie Nova had her stepbrother Lucky's big cock on her to-do-list and finding him in the shower made her choice clear and easy. Ellie pulls open the curtain and gives Lucky two options, yes or no? But luckily for Ellie "no means yes" and gets his cock in her hands and deep in her pussy, with a quick pounding in the shower before making their way to the couch where Lucky can get a good taste of her sweet teen pink pussy. Lovely Ellie shows him her fantastic cock sucking skills and the many orgasms riding his cock for a hot thick creamy cum pussy painting! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Curvy Jessie Rogers Gets A Lucky Change Of Plans

Sexy curvy wife Jessie Rogers has decided to take her new neighbor Lucky for a ride and is letting her husband know she has a change of plans to do someone different. As Lucky was already down on his knees feasting on her hot milf pussy, Jessie's husband was "A OK" with it all and she was ready to suck on his hard cock balls deep! Jessie had only one request and that is for Lucky to oil up her big round juicy ass up first and make it slippery so he could slide right in her dripping wet hot married pussy and pound out her big juicy cheeks for a healthy cum load on her pretty and satisfied face! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Meet Your New Stepmom Miss Raquel At The Pool

Wasting no time at all, delicious curvaceous Latina milf and new stepmom Miss Raquel surprises her stepson Lucky out at the pool and just nonchalantly pulls his cock out and starts sucking it! Stunned Lucky lets her lead him back into the house by his meat, as she lets him know she will introduce him to her hot mouth, big tits, hot pussy and her even tighter sweet asshole. Raquel proclaims Lucky will be her substitute fuck toy any time she needs that young big cock in her holes and that youthful thick hot creamy stepson cum sprayed all over her big juicy tits! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Emma Magnolia Hops On A Huge Lucky Opportunity

Perfectly curvy and bodacious house wife Emma Magnolia was feasting her eyes on pool-boy Lucky and remembered her husband said she could seize any opportunity, anytime a fantasy presented itself. When Lucky was summoned inside the house, Emma quickly bent her big plump juicy ass over, inviting Lucky to slide her soaked panties to the side and feast on her hot pussy. Now worked up in a frenzy Emma gleefully gags to her throats content as Lucky fucks her hot mouth. But once Emma sat on top of his young hard throbbing cock, her pussy could not get enough of him pounding her cock craving married hole and squirting sweet milf pussy juices until Lucky erupted gallons of hot creamy cum all over her pretty face! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Sexy Boss Ana Foxxx Is Tempting Fate On Friday

Insatiable stunning ebony boss and wife Ana Foxxx has decided to tempt fate and ask Lucky if he is up for the challenge of a hot secret after work assignment. Lucky was a bit indecisive but heard a few stories and knew he had to find out for himself! Ana slips off her skirt and brings his face right up to her soaked panties with the sweetest of scents and an even sweeter tasting pink pussy, yum! But once Anna got a hold of his hard cock, she sucked it good and deep down her hungry throat and marveled at how tight her pussy felt wrapped around Lucky's swollen big cock and balls deep up inside her. As Ana fucked him hard and getting all the orgasms she demanded, she was very pleased how Lucky finishes the job, by making a huge creamy mess all over her sweet juicy bushy pussy! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Cheating Krystal Sparks Finds Some Love In The Elevator

Married Krystal Sparks is caught off guard in the elevator and as fate would have it, catches a lucky break with a stranger and knew instantly her tight wet pussy was hungry for some new big cock. Both Krystal and stud Lucky, rush to the room to get down to business, feeling very lucky and living it up while she is going down and deep throating his throbbing cock. But no more fooling around, as he is ready to slip his meat inside her hot cheating pussy for a good round of pounding and an explosive eruption of cum all over her sexy body! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Curvy Babysitter Holly Day Gets Lucky At Work

Sexy curvy babysitter Holly Day had an instant attraction to her employers son Lucky and only had one week to act on her lust. After a few "accidental" booty rubs on his cock in the hallway, she had lucky dropping his laundry and his pants enjoying Holly's pretty face and hot mouth deep throat his meat and suck on his tender balls! But once Holly put that fine juicy big ass of hers in the air, Lucky could not stop the hard deep pounding his cock gave, burying it's purple swollen head deep up inside her hot tight pussy and exploded a few gallons of hot thick cum all over her bouncing juicy ass cheeks! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Milf Sadie Summers Gets Her Lucky Anal Creampie

Focused on her stepsons cock, milf stepmother Sadie Summers finds her moments to rub her pussy while watching Lucky in the shower. As Lucky is heading out for work, Sadie asks if he would join her for a dinner date tonight, but Lucky starts feeling a little weird just as Sadie grabs his cock and understands why he is called lucky and firmly invites him to stay a little while and play with his stepmommy! Sadie hopped on top as he slid his fingers inside her dripping wet pussy before Sadie gave a masterclass in a slobbering deep throat cock sucking and titty fucking frenzy, getting Lucky extremely hard and throbbing. Sadie knew to take every bit of advantage of his big cock as he pounded her milf pussy hard but got even deeper when she spread open her ass for him to squeeze his cock inside her tight pink ass, where his father never gets to go, until he unloads a massive anal cream pie for his number one stepmommy! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Kiara Cole Handles Her Surprise Visitor At Work

Cute responsible babysitter Kiara Cole was not expecting nor happy her boyfriend Lucky showed up unannounced at her work and was worried he would get her fired. After checking on the kids, Kiara announces the coast is clear and that she was flattered he came to visit her. Kiara now turned on, lets Lucky know he only has ten minutes to get in her hot tight pink pussy and make her come! Lucky now gets his lucky break as Kiara sucks his throbbing cock all the way down her throat, rides his meat, balls deep and strokes out every ounce of cum cream that was marinating into her mouth and then kicks him out! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Stepmom Jasmine Daze Is A Lucky Anal Squirting Treat

Heavenly chested stepmom Jasmine Daze gets disappointing news just as she dolled herself up for dinner. Stepson Lucky just wished his father knew how good he has it and did not want to see her sexy dress go to waste. In a awkward moment Lucky went in for a kiss and Jasmine was very happy he did because she was ready and wet for a hot, hard cock to fill her hot hungry mouth! But the treats kept coming as Lucky got to fuck her tight ass and get showered with her milf squirting pussy juices, until he covered her huge juicy tits with his ropes of cum and served Jasmine a delicious combo of cum and squirt as she sucked his cock off clean! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Stepsis London Laurent Finally Gets Her Lucky Chance

Demure big tit and big ass blonde stepsister London Laurent cannot stop thinking about the kiss she shared with her stepbrother Lucky a few months ago and he was hoping to never bring it up again. But persistent London persuades him with her soft, convincing voice as she rubs her big tits on him and finally gets them in his mouth. But now after waiting so long London finally has her hands on his hard cock and sucks it down deep with passion until he slides his throbbing meat inside her hot tight wet pussy for a great fuck and explosive never ending cum load covering her huge juicy tits! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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