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Super cute Latina wife Bianca Bangs is excited to go home and visit old friends and old crushes. When Milan arrived at the hotel he was disappointed her husband did not make it. Bianca excited to see how good Milan looks was actually a great thing now because she can live out an old fantasy of dating him and getting her cute face fucked by his big cock and pounded balls deep with his throbbing dick for a super hot facial! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Mature Latina teen schoolgirl Bianca Bangs is ready to get serious with her older boyfriend Danny, and he promises to take her to California when she finishes her semester at school. As Bianca brings him inside the house to give him her hot teen pussy, her father shows up early and forces them to go hide in her room to finish what she started. Danny, knowing he has some fresh sweet pussy on his hands, enjoys the taste and tightness of both of her holes and her hot deep-throating mouth before squeezing his throbbing cock inside her tight wet Latina teen pussy for a good hard fuck and massive hot thick cum cream pie as a promise of many more times like these to cum! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Bianca's Stepbro Gives It One Last Time

Sad little teen Latina step sister Bianca wants to be excited her stepbrother is coming home to visit but since they last saw each other and fucked, she has to confess she has slept with someone else. When Codey comes in to find her with no warm welcome, has him concerned. Bianca confesses her whereabouts and Codey is not as upset as she was hoping for and now feels like he doesn't care. Codey wanting her happy admits he has not moved on and Bianca wants to fuck one last time starting with sucking his cock deep throat. Codey slips his meat inside her hot tight little pussy fucking her for a great memory to remember and a hot thick load covering her teen pussy memory too.

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