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Demi Hawks Loves All The Benefits Of The Job

Shy boss Tommy had to reschedule his interview with his standout potential employee Demi Hawks at a hotel instead of his booked studio. Eager cute teen Demi looking stunning in her tiny black dress and stockings confirms that she is interested in the job and much more as she rubs her pussy. Nervous Tommy fills her in on all the benefits that come with the job and Demi wanted to dive in head first, deep throat as a matter of fact and explore all the many positions the job has to offer, including being hands on and hands deep inside her hot tight pink pussy along with his hard cock for a fantastic facial and acceptance of her new hole and role! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

Demi Hawks,Tommy Pistol - New Sensations
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Aria Valencia Picks The Right Day To Work It All Out

Calculated little teen slut and babysitter Aria Valencia has purposely showed up to work on the wrong day, knowing Mr. Steel would be home all alone from his wife and kid. Aria slowly gets out of Codey that his marriage is not exactly a happy one and she is here for any wants or needs he may be feeling! Codey quickly turns from defensive to cocksure and takes her to another room to fuck her tight hot teen pussy balls deep and rewarding her great work ethic and cute face with a great thick hot facial! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

Aria Valencia,Codey Steele - New Sensations
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Stepsis Demi Hawks Is Not A Slut Just Open Minded

Super cute and slutty stepsister Demi Hawks has always secretly loved pleasing older men and when she met her stepbrother Codey, she knew this big secret relationship was going to fulfill her tight hungry pussy deep! Any chance she got she would fill her throat full with his cock or bend over for Codey to pound her silly and today was no different. Demi once again had her legs spread wide for Codey to enjoy her sweet pink pussy and his throbbing cock to fuck her tight hot wet hole for a good fun facial of hot step-brotherly creamy love! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

Codey Steele,Demi Hawks - FamilyXXX
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Babysitter Mazy Myers Wears No Panties At Work

Adorable teen babysitter Mazy Myers gets a call from her boss Mr. Mountain requesting she stick around the house so they can have a chat. Danny informs her that he and his wife are separating and with all the changes he would really like her to continue helping around the house with the kids. Danny notices she is not wearing panties and takes the opportunity to put her hand on his hard cock. He asks if she would like to go on a vacation with him and spend some time together like today, as he slurps up her sweet pink teen pussy juices and slips his throbbing meat inside her tight wet hot hole for a massive cum eruption all over her little pussy! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

Danny Mountain,Mazy Myers - New Sensations
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Khloe Kingsley Knew Her Stepdaddy Was The One

Adorable stepdaughter Khloe Kingsley knew the moment her mother introduced her to her new stepfather Dorian, that he was the one for her instead. Within months of Dorian living in the house, anytime Khloe and he were alone, she would make sure he could watch her play with her pussy, until Khloe finally chased him down and spread open her tight hot pussy wide for him to enjoy with his tongue and throbbing fat cock, for a massive load sprayed all over her pink pussy. - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

Dorian Del Isla,Khloe Kingsley - FamilyXXX
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Teen Chloe Rose Pulls His Rocket Out Of The Blue

For the first time in her life, teen stepdaughter Chloe Rose no longer has to be somebody she is not, but her stepdad Robby's perfect princess slut! She knew he was too young for her mom, but just old enough for her, and she wanted him on this 4th of July. She finally made the move, pulling out his cock at the pool and swallowing every inch down her cock-hungry throat. Robby and Chloe now on her bed, she spreads her pink pussy wide and he enjoys her teen sweet juices before slipping in his hard cock inside her tight hot wet hole, fucking Chloe just the way she always dreamed of for an extravagant explosion facial display! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

Chloe Rose,Robby Echo - FamilyXXX
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Briston's Stepdad Is Always Where She Needs Him

Teen stepdaughter Briston has developed the perfect relationship with her stepfather Ramon. He always makes it his priority to be there for me whenever she needs him. Just like today, as her pussy got extremely wet playing with her toy and needed her stepdaddy to cum and fill her hungry holes with his thick cock. Even today she needs Ramon to slide in his cock slowly into her tight teen pussy for another sweet hot batch of stepdad cum shot across her soft pussy! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

Briston,Ramon Nomar - FamilyXXX
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Chloe Rose Knows Her Stepdaddy Is Always Right

Super cute blonde teen stepdaughter Chloe Rose had a confession for her stepdaddy Brad on his assumption. Yes, she was a naughty girl at school today, pleasuring herself to his picture and dripping wet for his fat, thick cock to open her tight teen pussy! Now bent over in her skirt, she was ready for her spanking and her mouth wide open to suck every inch she could stuff down her throat. Brad tasted her sweet pussy juices first, getting her nice and wet so his throbbing cock could ease inside, because she is so much tighter, fucks much harder and loves every ounce of cum sprayed onto her pretty face, unlike her mother. - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

Brad Newman,Chloe Rose - FamilyXXX
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Veronica Church Pinky Promises To Do The Best Job

Super adorable teen Veronica Church comes highly praised and recommended for Brad's search of a good hard working babysitter. Being immediately impressed with Veronica, Brad lets her know he just needs to run it by his wife first before saying yes, but now a little disappointed, Veronica uses her charm to get him to make the decision now while sending him a signal she wanted the man of the house to pull out his big thick cock and fill her tight wet teen pussy on all the details of the job and his super explosive facial to cover and seal the deal! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

Brad Newman,Veronica Church - New Sensations
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Babysitter Maria Anjel Has Some Risky Business

With her huge appetite for a man's cock, babysitter Maria Anjel sneaks into her boss's house, Ramon and takes the big risk of getting caught by his wife for one chance of fucking a real man! Ramon was not having it and not going to put his whole life and marriage on the rocks for a taste of her sweet teen pussy. But as soon as Maria got both of her hands on his hard cock and in her mouth, Ramon could not help fucking her face, licking up every drop of her dripping wet pussy and squeezing his dick inside her tight pink lips for a massive cum eruption on her cute tiny tits. - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

Maria Anjel,Ramon Nomar - New Sensations
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Skyler Storm Gets Poured A Facefull Of Sugar

Pretty blonde teen stepdaughter Skyler Storm has waited a long time to find who she really needed to open her tight pink flower! So she has decided to use her stepdad Dorian's shower and kept the door open, as she slipped off her blue panties, so he could see her tiny pink teen pussy. By the look on his face, she knew he would come into the shower, taste her sweet lips and slide his cock down her throat. Next thing she knew, he had her legs spread wide, pounding away and covering her face full of cum! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

Dorian Del Isla,Skyler Storm - FamilyXXX
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Latina Babysitter Dani Diaz Enjoys Her Big Surprise

When babysitter Dani Diaz came by Mr. White's house to pick up her laptop, he decided to fess up to taking a snoop on her laptop and had some concerns over Dani's friend she set as her wall paper and wants her to know how beautiful she is and can do much better with the boys. As Dani was absorbing his flattery, Chad jumped in for a kiss, stunning Dani and asked if that was ok? To which Dani joyfully said yes!, and continued spreading her pussy wide so Chad could slide her moist panties to the side and slip a finger or two, his tongue and then his fat throbbing dick inside her hot wet, tight teen Latina pussy! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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