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Alyx Star Is On Top Of The To Do List For Jazlyn Ray

Beautifully curvy big breasted boss Alyx Star has finally found her best assistant ever and stunning Jazlyn Ray is a real natural with just one more thing to show Alyx. Jazlyn wants to get hands on and down on Alyx's hot pussy for a clearer understanding of her sweet juicy tastes first! Alyx just lays back as Jazlyn worships her huge juicy tits and licks up every drop of pussy nectar bringing Alyx to a quick orgasm. As Jazlyn continues to enjoy her boss's hot body, she gets Alyx in top, riding each others pussies hard for even deeper orgasms, as Alyx's body quivers and is very glad she was on the top priority to-do-list! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Sexy Manager Alyx Star Sucks Up To The Boss

Super sexy big tit and big ass dedicated employee Alyx Star has had enough of just staring at her boss Mr. White, down at the conference room. She quickly signaled him to meet up at the room for some "de-briefing" and do their best to not be seen leaving together! Sexually charged up and hungry for dick, Alyx takes charge and gets Chad on the bed, whipping his big cock out and right down her throat. With no time to waste and still on the clock, she hops on his throbbing cock, fucking him hard and fast for a nice thick heavy creamy work load! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Busty Wife Alyx Star Has A Juicy Surprise

After thinking things through long and hard, sexy busty wife Alyx Star has the perfect surprise birthday gift for her husbands best friend Will. Alyx let Will know her husband did not make into town and to come over to the hotel where his present was wrapped and waiting. Will unsure of what she was up to, gets shell shocked when Alyx pulls open her robe and shows will his gift, wet and ready in sexy red lingerie and stockings. With a few convincing words, Alyx whips out his big throbbing black cock, gagging on it before Will squeezes in his bbc balls deep, pounding her tight married pussy for a impressive cum explosion all over her huge juicy tits! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Alyx And Vanna Are Liberated

When Vanna found her new room mate Alyx online she did not think about vetting her and became a little uneasy with her walking around naked all the time. Alyx felt the awkwardness and asked Vanna if it was ok. Vanna said she was cool and Alyx encouraged her to liberate herself and try it. The very next morning Vanna came out of her room to join Alyx in just panties and immediately sparks erupted and both girls went down on each others sweet tasting pussies for a great dual orgasm for breakfast.

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Alyx Is The Game Winner

Alyx made sure no one saw her head down to her teachers quarters. Mr. Moody was concerned about getting caught but with her young sweet juicy ass and big tits wrapped in her cheerleader outfit his cock was far to hard to turn back. Jason took the time to touch and suck on her supple juicy tits and sweet hot pussy before she could swallow down his hard thick inches and fuck his cock between her tits. Once she sat and slipped his cock inside it was game on and great hot hard fucking commenced until Mr. Moody shot his hot load across her body, tits and pretty face.

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Alyx Lets It Grow In Her Hands And Inside

Permission granted are the words from Alyx's man on the phone as her big cock of a stud Jax slips his fingers inside her hot wet pussy as she is on the phone and only demands pics to share. Alyx tells her man how big and hard Jax's cock is growing in her hands and is hoping he is stroking his cock too, while Jax gets a feel and a taste of her sweet pussy and juicy big tits. Alyx happily drops to her knees sucking down every inch of black cock before he slides deep inside her tight pussy, getting her legs to shiver from the massive size of his cock. Alyx fucks Jax deep and hard until she gets all his hot thick cum sprayed all over her big tits.

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Natasha & Alyx Bust Out Together

Fun and open pals Natasha and Alyx are comparing bra options as Alyx tries on a few outfits for her dinner party. Alyx being overwhelmed by Natasha's huge beautiful breast sorta kinda hits on Natasha and feels a bit embarrassed about it. But Natasha getting wet by the compliment takes Alyx by the hand getting down and dirty enjoying each others big tits and sweet tasting pussies as they cum together at the end.

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Alyx Leaves It All In A Letter

Step brother Chad arrives to an unusually quiet home and calls out for his younger step sister Alyx. On her bed he finds a letter on her bra requesting his big hard presence in the shower now since the parents are stuck elsewhere. Captivated by her huge juicy wet tits, he goes for them first as his cock grows long and hard for her hot mouth and tight pussy. From pounding her sweet ass to fucking her tits he unloads a good batch of hot cum all over her busty chest.

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