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Angelina Moon Has Another Friday Night Hookup

Cock crazy Asian cheating wife Angelina Moon has made a habit of meeting strangers in bars for her dose of Friday night hook-ups! New stud Ken has been picked-up by Angelina, quickly arriving at her house so she could drop to her knees, whip out his cock and start sucking into a deep throat frenzy! Angelina scores one more night of getting exactly what her tight married pussy wants, hard cock balls deep inside and a hot thick facial! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Stepmom Angelina Moon Wants One More Taste Of Phoebe Kalib

Highly insatiable Asian wife and stepmother Angelina Moon really thought getting married and settling down would cool her lustful appetite for sex, but her adorable Latina stepdaughter Phoebe Kalib has brought Angelina's past addiction to sweet pink pussy back with a vengeance! Now the problem is Phoebe and Angelina have gone from step family to intense lovers and any chance the time is right they enjoy each others wet tight pussies with tongue, fingers and toys, bringing as many orgasms as they can. But Angelina has sworn this summer will be her last chance to get one more taste of Phoebe!...or so she says. - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Cheating Spicy Content Creator Avery Black Goes Viral

Captivating and ambitious Asian wife Avery Black is in the middle of shooting some fresh new content for her fans when Dorian showed up for her husband to take a look at the pool. As soon as Dorian was out back Avery went back to her shooting in progress for Dorian to see, making him uncomfortable and wanting to come back another day. Bold Avery stops him to explain what she is doing and if he had any creative ideas to help keep things fresh and new for her fans. But as Avery looks him over she decides on "the cheating with pool man scenario" and quickly pulls his shorts down, his fat cock out and down to her knees stuffing her hot mouth balls deep with meat! Dorian slowly slips in his cock, fitting perfectly in her tight little pink hole and pile driving her hot married pussy deep and exploding cum all over her tiny delectable body! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Sneaky Cheerleader Phoebe Kalib Gets A Mouthful

Adorable Asian cheerleader Phoebe Kalib has been very careful when sneaking over to her school counselor Mr. White's house. Pleased Chad is ready to devour and feast on her juicy sweet pussy and fuck her hot cock craving mouth with his throbbing dick, balls deep. Phoebe has been in need of a deep pounding session and Chad takes every moment to enjoy every bit of her fresh big tit body and tight pink pussy for a massive facial eruption of thick creamy cum! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Feisty Boss Angelina Moon Finds The Best Fit For The Job

Assertive Asian boss Angelina Moon is very happy her applicant Jay Romero could come to her house for the interview. But as good as his resume' is she was not impressed with his choice of a casual outfit or his edgy hair style and had no problem letting Jay know. Speechless, Jay was more shocked when she demanded he take off his shirt and eat her hot wet pussy now and it better be good! Jay's confident instincts kick in and laps up her sweet pink hole getting her throat and pussy hungry for hard cock as she sucked it so deep she could not gag enough and knew her tight little pussy was going to love his throbbing cock pounding her hard and deep, exploding loads of creamy cum all over her sexy body! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Alexia Anders Sucks The Stress Right Out Of Her Boss

Concerned cute assistant and Asian Alexia Anders is helping her boss Chad power through some major writers block on the script they are working on and decides maybe a shoulder rub would help unwind his frustration. But soon after Alexia gets her hands on his broad shoulders, her pussy begins to drip a bit and gets right to her knees being pleasantly surprised on his big fat throbbing cock and now knows she is going to suck all the stress out with her tiny hot mouth. Alexia struggling to fit it in her mouth now wants to see if she could help him relax even more by squeezing every inch deep inside her tight hot Asian pussy and fucking Chad back to his creative fluid-self after a massive eruption unloading all his thick hot creamy stress across her tiny tight body! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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All He Wants For Christmas Is Babysitter Phoebe Kalib

Modest loyal husband and employer Danny, asked adorable and cute Latina babysitter Phoebe Kalib if she could stay the afternoon and help him decorate the tree with him. As things got very close and flirty, Phoebe goes in for the kiss and much to her surprise, Danny wanted her for a gift and Phoebe agreed, that she is a gift to be shared and she also is getting what she wants! Danny slips her red wet panties to the side and finally gets a taste of her sweet hot pussy, as his cock grows hard and thick deep inside her mouth as she sucks it hard. The real sweet treat is Danny's cock sliding inside her tight pussy slowly as her lips spread open and accepting of his swollen dick for some massive coating and decorating of her tongue, tits and pussy with all his early Christmas cum frosting! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Angelina Moon Gives Stepdaddy An Early Present

Excited Asian stepdaughter Angelina Moon just could not wait nor let her mother see the special early gift she had for her stepdaddy David! When she came out wrapped in her sexy red sheer lingerie, David knew their "one-time thing" was going to happen again and again, much to her pleasure. Angelina whipped out his hard cock and quickly sucked it deep down her throat, getting David to fuck her cute hot mouth and face. But he could not resist smothering her tight wet pink pussy with his face before she could hop on and slip his throbbing meat between her tight little pussy lips for a great holiday fuck and cum cream bath that exploded all over her body! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Ember Snow Showers Him With Her Juicy Peach

Beautiful married big tit Asian delicacy Ember Snow is getting her tight pussy wet and ready for her favorite stud Ramon, to come and empty out all her sweet pink pussy juices! Ember always begins her meal with his throbbing meat scratching the back of her throat as she drips for his cock to fill her tight little hole balls deep and constantly rewarding every hard inch with gallons of squirting nectar. Ramon knows every button to touch on her delicate body while she gushes endless amounts of pussy honey until Ramon sprays his thick cock cream all over her nice big tits! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Scarlett Alexis Gets A Surprise Backdoor Delivery

The kind, flirty and hunky hotel manager Brad Newman left an impression on lonely Asian wife Scarlett Alexis and she found a way to get him to come to her room for some "help"! When Brad arrived, he was very happy to find her half naked, showing off her beautiful natural big tits. But when she mentioned her husband is no where around, Brad's big fat cock was even happier and harder for Alexis's hot mouth to suck down on it and slide it between her juicy tits. Brad was clearly too big for her tight married pussy but after some good deep fucking, Scarlett's even tighter ass opened right up and welcomed his throbbing meat to pound her balls deep, for a fantastic cock cum eruption! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Married Bianca Bangs Gets An Old Friend To Come

Super cute Latina wife Bianca Bangs is excited to go home and visit old friends and old crushes. When Milan arrived at the hotel he was disappointed her husband did not make it. Bianca excited to see how good Milan looks was actually a great thing now because she can live out an old fantasy of dating him and getting her cute face fucked by his big cock and pounded balls deep with his throbbing dick for a super hot facial! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Cheating Wife Mina Luxx Welcomes Him Back Inside

Excited Asian wife Mina Luxx cannot wait to get her secret BBC lover Scotty to come on over to her hotel room and have some fun! Mina let him know she was in town for one night only and after sending him a sexy pic in her black lingerie, Scotty was knocking on the door in a heartbeat. As soon as Mina slipped off her soaked black panties, Scotty realized how much he missed her pretty little tight married pussy and dove right in, licking up her sweet Asian pussy juices and fucking her hot tight hole hard and deep for a fantastic facial! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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