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Swinging Neighbor Rosalyn Gets It

Once again teen neighbor Rosalyn is caught masturbating at the window looking down onto Logan from his wife. Logan is forced to confront Rosalyn and her boyfriend to please stop. With a few minutes of discussion Logan's cock ends up in her hot mouth and learns the ins and outs of swinging.

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Not Too Early For Katya To Be Wet

Anxious horny neighbor Logan sneaked in the house to early but teen Katya was already wet for him but still had to wait a few more minutes for her mother to leave. Within minutes Logan had his hands back on her tight young hot pussy as she invited him to her room and into her teen tightness.

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Piper Wants To See How Deep She Can Get It

Spinning and Modeling made for an extra hard cock for Piper's extra tiny tight pussy. We first had to see how deep she could choke on it before watching that pussy split in two barely squeezing half of the meat inside. Piper needing both hands to stroke and suck had that pole ready to explode.

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Makenna Has One More Need In Mind

Makenna luckily has a great neighbor like Logan, to help around the house while her husband is away on business. She decided to fuck him for all his help, with approval from the hubby and quickly wraps her mouth around his cock filling her hot mouth. Her pink pussy was a little too tight but Logan had no problem pounding away for her final need of a facial bath.

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