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Britney Is Better Than Mom

Just when pretty young Britney thought she could take a ride on Mom's Sybian alone. Home from work, step dad Tommy, finds her having fun and walks away upset. Britney quickly strikes a deal for a mutual secret and starts sucking his cock better than her mom, says daddy. But, Tommy understands now that all Britney really wanted was his hard cock deep inside and hot cum across her face.

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Britney's Inner Slut Cums To Light

While Britney has her pussy tended to with a vibrator her husband and stud for the day Steve discuss his options. She quickly starts asking for permission to cum as Steve begins with ass smacking and face fucking her sweet hot mouth. Her play by play with her husband makes sure he is enjoying every inch of cock digging deep inside her and her face covered in a huge load.

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Irresistible Britney Gets Her Man

As Steve contemplates his temptations, young and sweet flower Britney, rubs her hot pussy and he can no longer resist. Britney crawls to his hard throbbing cock making him longer in her hot mouth. Steve knows he shouldn't be fucking his long time pal's daughter and after every inch has been accepted inside Britney, he unloads his thick load and knows he will later regret leaving her face drenched in a cum lather.

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Britney Makes It Very Personal

Young blond Britney Light looks back fondly on her lucky break responding to Ramon's ad and becoming his personal assistant. As time went on she never knew would be hot and wet for an older man and if she was going to fuck one it was gonna be him.

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Britney Light Confesses She's Only 19

Adorable Britney has arrived at her online chat buddy's house and Chad is taken by her beauty. He quickly goes over some plans of grabbing some dinner and a few drinks but, Britney confesses, she lied and is only nineteen. Chad being quick on his feet suggest better plans and that's fulfilling their online fantasies. Young Britney barely handles his fat cock and gets her tight pussy a little stretched.

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